top down decoys, goose decoys, reversible goose decoys

TOP DOWN Decoys®

The First of its Kind

goose decoys, goose hunting decoy, duck decoys

Horizontal Design

reversible decoys, goose decoys, duck decoys


goose decoys, duck decoys, reversible decoys

Quality & Cost

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Purchase our reversible decoy and we'll have it shipped to you ASAP, so you can start your hunting season right.
goose decoys, duck decoys, bird decoys


Our lightweight, stackable decoys make it easy for you to quickly set up and take down, so you can hunt on the move.
reversible decoys, duck decoys, goose decoys


Top Down Decoys are made with a double sided, reversible design, allowing you to hunt during multiple seasons.
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top down decoys, bird decoys, goose decoys
Proudly manufactured in the USA, these 1st products from Top Down Decoys come as 12 finely detailed, reversible decoys. Prepare to hunt two popular seasons with either of these great decoys.

Quality & Cost-Effective

48 Canada Decoys vs 1535 CS1 Top Down Decoys®

Top Down Decoys® makes lightweight, easy-to-carry decoys. Whether it's in the bed of your truck before a hunt or in storage at the end of a season, our patented, horizontal design allows you to stack and store your decoys wherever you need.
goose decoys, canada goose decoys, geese decoys
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Ready to Hunt?

What makes our decoys different?

Decoys Made for Hunters by Hunters

Top Down Decoys® proudly presents the hunting industry’s newest perspective on silhouette decoys. With our EXCLUSIVE, Patented, HORIZONTAL design, you will never again need to worry about decoys that disappear to birds flying overhead from any angle. Our decoys have a new design but still maintain everything hunters love about standard silhouettes:
• Lightweight (just 3.25 lbs/dozen- including the wire!)
• Stackable
• Easy to transport
• Easy to store


Our stackable design allows you to easily transport and store your decoys, so that you can hunt effortlessly on the move.


Top Down Decoys® are printed using UV-protective, non-reflective inks and two layers of clear matte coating, allowing you to hunt glare-free throughout the day.
Easy to Set, Easy to Hunt
Reversible Decoy
We, at Top Down Decoys, love to hunt! This is why we have worked so hard to create a single decoy able to be used during two different hunting seasons. With high quality imaging on both sides, our reversible species decoys make switching to a new hunt as easy as flipping the Top Down!
top down decoys, goose decoys, reversible goose decoys

Two Decoys For The Price of One

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Spend Less, Hunt More

At Top Down Decoys®, we worked tirelessly to design a product that is both high quality and cost efficient, allowing you to get more bang for your buck!
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top down decoys, bird decoys, goose decoys
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