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Top Down Decoys®

Pro Staff

Top Down Decoys® is a family business that runs on family values. We look at you and who you are as an individual and as a hunter. We want you to have a passion for the hunting industry. We are looking for people who are already using our products and/or people who are excited to start!


Our pro staff is a group of hunters who love and respect the outdoors. The sole purpose of pro staff is to help promote our business. Being a successful pro staff member involves a lot of work. That doesn’t just mean having a photo of birds with our logo and/or product. That may be something our pro staffers do to promote the company, but it is certainly not the only thing entailed with our pro staff.
Promoting a product only goes so far. Pro staffers must also be involved wherever possible to push our products in the industry. A company cannot be successful without an industry demand for their products. Some things our pro staffer can do to promote our company and push demand for our products would be to attend local trade shows and shooting events throughout the year. They can also create content material such as videos, photos and visual prints that can be used for promotional purposes. Social media and online forums play a huge role in today’s market strategies. Therefore, our pro staff members need to help publicly promote our company online in addition to working directly with Top Down Decoys®.
Being a pro staff member for Top Down Decoys® is not just about getting free/discounted material. To be a successful pro staffer it takes effort, time, energy and work. YES, there are PERKS and incentives to being a pro staff member. You will have limited access to free and discounted products depending on the amount of work you put in to our company AS WELL AS a possibility of receiving free products and/or commissions on product you move and people you send our way. Everything is a give and take. You have to give your time and effort to receive the rewards. That doesn’t mean just contacting us whenever you want and getting whatever you ask us for. However, if you put in the work and thoroughly promote our products, as well as our company, you will reap the rewards.


You must be willing to perform the necessary duties of being a pro staff member that we listed above. Yes, that means if we are having events in your area you should show up, hang out, and help promote. You could also have the opportunity to be involved with dealers in your area. Good communication skills are must. Negative rants on any of the social networking sites is prohibited and will get you removed from our pro staff/field staff. We understand that everyone has an opinion on every event, political race and situation in the world; however, to stay a successful pro staff/field staff member you must keep all posts family friendly.
The most important thing to being a pro staff member with Top Down Decoys® is believing in our company and our products! You must use our products! You must be willing to promote our products to everyone! If you have any accomplishments relating to our products, it is always best to let us know!
NOTE: For those who have not personally tried our Top Down Decoys® and wouldn’t be willing to spend your own money (at pro staff prices) this is not the gig for you.