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Goose Decoys

Top Down Decoys was built on family traditions, a love for hunting, and the need for a better, more cost-effective goose decoy.


Hunting for the best goose decoys on the market? The search can end here. Top Down Decoys provide the only horizontal reversible silhouette goose decoys on the market. Featured in a Specklebelly or Canada Goose on one side, and a Snow Goose on the other. The unique design of this allows you to hunt two seasons, with one quality decoy.

Plus, with Top Down Decoys, you get a horizontal silhouette style goose decoy. This gives you the ability to cover one more angle when the birds are hovering above. Insert the metal stake right through the bill, push into the chest, and bend at the neck to firmly place it in the ground.

With their expanding knowledge and genuine love of the hunt mixed with innovation and dedication to quality, Top Down Decoys is the company you can trust when it comes to hunting. Because we love hunting, too!


Pixelated or fuzzy images aren’t what you’re looking for when you purchase your goose decoys. That’s why at Top Down Decoys we print our goose decoys utilizing high DPI (dots per inch). That way our images portray true to life colors with incredibly remakrable feather details.

And with the small details like that, we help you draw in even the most cautious of birds. Giving you more opportunity to do what you love. For more information on Top Down Decoys, be sure to check out and follow us on our Facebook page and keep up with everything we’re up to! If you’re in need of hunting decoys, contact the team at Top Down Decoys today!

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