Mossy Oak Country Hat-LC15V

Mossy Oak Country Hat-LC15V


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Mossy Oak Country Hat-LC15V is a Six-Panel Hat, Cotton Twill, Mid profile, Velcro Closure

This hat is the way to go! They are fully embroidered so there is no need to worry about a patch falling off.

  • Also check out our CS1 Canada Goose – Snow Goose Reversible Decoy

    What makes Top Down Decoys® different?

    First, Top Down Decoys® CS1 is a reversible silhouette style decoy.  This decoy comes with a Canada Goose on one side and a Snow Goose on the other.  As a result, this unique design allows you the ability to hunt TWO goose seasons with ONE quality decoy.

    Secondly, the CS1 is a horizontal silhouette style decoy.   Thus, giving you the ability to cover one more angle when the birds are circling above.  Simply insert the metal stake through the bill, push into the chest of the decoy, bend at the neck and place in the ground.

    Thirdly, our decoys are printed utilizing high DPI (dots per inch).  In fact, our high DPI images, portray true-to-life colors with remarkable feather details.  As a result, this helps to draw in even the leeriest of birds.

    What is included in a box of CS1 goose decoys?

    Each box includes: 12 CS1 Canada Goose/Snow Goose Reversible Horizontal Silhouette Decoys, 12 metal stakes, an instruction sheet, and a Top Down Decoys® gun stock sticker/window decal


    • Horizontal Goose Decoy Design

    Top Down Decoys® patented, horizontal design provides hunters the option of a full body decoy look while avoiding the full body decoy price.

    Our design keeps decoys visible to flying birds from any angle.  The unique placement and bend of the stake through the bill and neck of the decoy gives the look of a feeding goose, casts an authentic shadow and allows for gentle, life-like movement in the wind.

    • Lightweight and Stackable

    Just 3.25 lbs. per dozen WITH metal stakes inserted.

    Able to be stacked flat or nested while bent, hunters can transport and store high quantities of decoys without the hassle of full body decoys.

    • Durable and Long Lasting

    Printed on plastic that is strong and tough

    Flexible, UV-Protective inks, textured additives and a double coated matte finish make both sides of the CS1 glare-free and chip, scratch, and fade resistant.  High-performing for consistent use in sun, rain, snow or wind.

    • Economical Goose Decoy

    Each kit of CS1 decoys comes with 12 reversible Canada Goose – Snow Goose decoys and 12 wire stakes. For hunters of both Canada Geese and Snow Geese, that means it’s like getting 24 decoys for the price of 12! If you only hunt one species, you’re still getting two quality decoys at the cost of one!

    The CS1 is an incredibly cost-effective way for any hunter to create large, enticing decoy spreads or even enhance their current spreads for TWO hunt able goose species



    Dimensions: 27.125” x 9.625” x .25”

    Weight: 3.25 lbs./12 decoys with metal stakes



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